Bikalpa-an Alternative is a public policy think tank working as a watchdog at the state and municipal level to sensitize civil society members and pressurize authorities’ holder to be accountable. As a legal entity organization seeks to develop a culture that favors individual and economic freedom, in spears of personal lives and policy issues and suggest policies that ultimately uplift the status of poor people.We do this through empowering people with our research, education and civic engagement programs.
  • Vision

    Bikalpa- an Alternative envisions a Nepal where rule of law is supreme and all citizens can have an equal opportunity to prosper in their own country and enjoy their rights to life, liberty and property.

  • Mission

    To protect the individual rights of Nepalese citizens and advocate for policies that increase economic freedom through research, education and public engagement.

  • Objectives

    Educate and sensitize people on the issue of rule of law, civic leadership, accountability, individual and economic freedom.


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  • Advocacy

Thematic Area

  • Trade, Livelihood & Entrepreneurship

  • Rule of Law & Accountability

  • Civic Leadership

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