Friday Discussion on What Motivates People

Friday Discussion on What Motivates People

Friday Discussion is a Program designed to engage and inform the core members on the ideas of free market economy and classical liberal ideas. Discussions are made on the contemporary issues (local and national) through free market perspectives. Article is selected and shared within the members to prepare oneself for the program. The program is organized at the venue of Hotel Namaskar, Biratnagar on every Alternative Friday (twice a month).

On this series, discussion was made on the Article of “What motivates People”, where 14 numbers of participants took part to discuss their views. The program is organized to engage core members and new comers who are interested on the issue and ideas of liberty, public policy and political economy. It was hot and live discussion where participants discussed on Sound Economic Policies.

In this series our main discussion was focus on 3 topics.”Incentive Matter”, “Slavery, Snakes and Switching”, Janakpur Cigarette Factory. As we know Incentives are human choices that are influenced by economic incentives and by changes in economic incentives. Everyone acting in their self – interest isn’t necessarily bad, but it can be beneficial instead. We can observe that every individual responds to an incentive. And the incentive can be something, else than time, personal satisfaction or anything else.

During the discussion the participants articulated their opinion regarding the Incentives. The discussion was thrilled when Most of our participants were support on government intervention on economy policy. Having a night notion that government is only the means that can solve the entire problem some supported that there should be welfare such as subsidy on different thing. Some argued critically based on the topic that government policy also can result to the unintended consequences. So the both positive and negative aspect of the incentives was discussed in the program.

The program was held on 17July from 4:45 pm onward. Discussion was very helpful to understand about the sound economic policies and its benefits for the developing countries like Nepal. Program was ended in 6:30 pm.

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