Peace, Love and Liberty in Nepali Version

Peace, Love and Liberty in Nepali Version

With the Support of Atlas Network, Bikalpa –an Alternative translated the English version “Peace, Love and Liberty” into Nepali Language.

Peace, Love and Liberty is a book that offers evidence and argument for peace. The essays on this book illustrate that war is not in favor of the common people; however it may benefits the few who have vested interest. The book also gives throw insight on how war curtails the individual freedom and gives the rights to selected few to impose their authority. It teaches us the value of trade and demonstrates how it serves to achieve peace and prosperity to the society. Altogether there are 15 chapters written by the scholars who value peace and persuade readers that peace, freedom, prosperity, and progress go hand-in-hand.

 The book is highly relevant to Nepalese context. Nearly a decade ago, Nepal overcomes the Maoist insurgency; still there are groups and sentiments that keeps on fueling the ideas conflict and violence rather than peace. It always creates a possibility and threat of emerging same kinds of militia groups that can escalate violence in coming future. Also after the promulgation of new constitution, some of the agitating parties are continuing their protest activities in a violent way, which have threaten peace and individual freedom of the citizens. This book teaches us immense value of peace and growth. Bikalpa translated the book to make it available to all the Nepalese readers who can be benefited from lessons of the book.

Translation of the book is completed on July 2015. Basanta Adhikari, Founding Chairperson translated the book. It is translated in simple way that helps Nepalese readers to understand without any difficulty. The books are also available at Bikalpa office and in the market.

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