The Last Thursdays With Bhabish Kumar Shrestha

The Last Thursdays With Bhabish Kumar Shrestha

Every Last Thursday of Gregorian month, Bikalpa an Alternative jointly organize the “Last Thursday’s” event at Biratnagar in collabration with Hotel Namaskar, Makalu Television and Merryland College (BBA) Biratnagar.   Objective of the program is to disseminate the ideas and knowledge about entrepreneurship through the personal sharing of successful entrepreneurs. Also the program creates an opportunity to do networking and share ideas among the participants.

On 25th August, 2016, Entrepreneur Bhabish Kumar Shrestha joined us for the 30th series of ‘Last Thursdays’ at Hotel Namaskar for a discussion on the existing scenario of industry in the Biratnagar with over more than 70 people.

The program started with moderator Basanta Adhikari, Bikalpa an Alternative Director addressing the audience. He introduced everyone about the program and shared the objective of program.

Guest Speaker Bhabish Shrestha shared his life story about his entrepreneurial journey during the interactions with the college students. He completed his schooling from Shree Sarswati Secondary School. After completing his SLC he started teaching in a primary school, which went only for few days.  In 1991 he went to Kathmandu to join in Nepal police, he passed the exam but quit the job after few days having no interest on it.  Then he returned back to Biratnagar and started his hotel named Rimjhim where he employed 10 staffs. In 1995 he expanded his hotel in a bigger scale. While focusing on his work, he did not give much importance to his study and quit it. He regrets for not continuing his study and warned student for not to neglect the study even if we start doing our job or enterprise. He further says “Life mission should not be only to make money, one should be concerned about politics, social activities and many more things”.

In the recent time he the Executive Director of Hotel Eastern Star, Managing Director of Naulo Travel and Tours, member of Morang Merchant Association, President of Association of Travel Agent Biratnagar. Besides this he is also the promoter of the Tourism since a long time and working as a partner in various other business venture.

After the guest speaker speech, participants had a open discussion with the speaker for one hour where the speaker clarifies the participant’s queries. Participants asked numerous questions based on the sharing of a guest speaker. Program was formally ended at 5:30 pm following tea, snacks and informal networking.

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