Last Thursday’s with Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs

Last Thursday’s with Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs

Every Last Thursday of Gregorian month, Bikalpa – an Alternative jointly organize the “Last Thursday’s” event at Biratnagar in collaboration with Hotel Namaskar, Makalu Television and Merryland College (BBA) Biratnagar.   Objective of the program is to disseminate the ideas and knowledge about entrepreneurship through the personal sharing of successful entrepreneurs. Also the program creates an opportunity to do networking and share ideas among the participants.

On 27th April 2017, Entrepreneur Pratik Raut, Biswesh Rijal & Abhinayak Malla joined us for the 38th series of ‘Last Thursdays’ at Makalu Television for a discussion on the existing scenario of industry in the Biratnagar with over more than 70 people.

The program started with moderator Basanta Adhikari, Bikalpa – an Alternative Director addressing the audience. He introduced everyone about the program and shared the objective of program.

This month “Last Thursday’s” was kicked off as usual at Hotel Namaskar. The program saw some great conversations and insights, from both upcoming Young Entrepreneurs and Participants. Our first session saw an informative exchange of ideas and learnings from young entrepreneurs:

Through the course of the conversation, Pratik (one of our Guest Speaker) highlighted the importance of finding quality in yourself. “Desire will not only get you what you want. You have to make yourself able to fit in it”. He  also  Spoke about Being Entrepreneur is also about being Self Disciplined .Self-disciplined factor is very important for being an entrepreneur. No matter how much risk taker you are, No matter how much creative you are until and unless you are self-disciplined about yourself nothing gonna work. Self-disciplined means creating new habits eliminating bad habits. While scaling up your business it is also necessary to have faith in your idea and building the right team. A good company is only as much as it good people. You need to dream together as a team. You need to motivate people, value them and make them feel important “. In his conclusion remarks he shared being an entrepreneur is about being inspiring leader .It all about facing the fear, coming out of Comfort zone growing excelling believing in yourself.

Next up Speaker Bishow Rijal, Director of Graduate Coach consultancy. As Rijal is Australia returnee and had experiences in field of abroad education. He talked about changing perspective of the education. He also shared how it is not easy for us to get opportunities in certain level in abroad. He also shares that there is lack of such of institution which helps student in their carrier counseling I am here to help the student not here to earn money. So, he wanted to work as bridge of it. Focusing on in his institution he shared he envisioned to build such academic institution in Biratnagar form where student skilled manpower can be produced which can be helpful to society.

Last session was followed by our Guest speaker Abhiyanayak Malla .  During his speech he illustrated several case studies of and instances about entrepreneurship. His speech aspires young people to see the opportunities available here. Sharing his own story why he choose Biratnagar to invest in business. It is the place which linkage with china, India and Bangladesh. Some key takeaways from his story was extremely helpful for someone who wanted to be entrepreneur:

  • If you are business student then you should know location. Location is the vital factor which plays important roles in the business and Biratnagar is the vibrant hub for doing trading business.
  • Business idea always doesn’t exist in books- you need to go by trial and error and see what works.
  • If want to go and study abroad then I suggest you to go there and gain skill and study their culture it will help you learn many things.
  • It’s important to scale up and figure out your idea in place and also ensure your financial stability and sustainability. .

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