Last Thursdays with Manoj Bikram Shah

Last Thursdays with Manoj Bikram Shah

Every Last Thursday of Gregorian month, Bikalpa – an Alternative jointly organize the “Last Thursday’s” event at Biratnagar in collaboration with Hotel Namaskar, Makalu Television and Merryland College (BBA) Biratnagar.   Objective of the program is to disseminate the ideas and knowledge about entrepreneurship through the personal sharing of successful entrepreneurs. Also the program creates an opportunity to do networking and share ideas among the participants.

The 42th Last Thursday with an Entrepreneur held on 22th February, 2018 was held in Hotel Namaskar Biratnagar. The Guest Speaker for the program was Mr. Manoj Bikram Shah, Managing Director, Nepal Bazaar. Currently he is also president of ‘Nepal Young Entrepreneur Forum’.

Mr. Shah hailing from Biratnagar is one of the successful Entrepreneur of the region.  Sharing his initial story, he started his job as a delivery boy in courtier service at the age of 19. At the same time, he was also doing his study in Shankardev Campus. Continuing further he says it is also important to gain experience while studying so that it will help you in future. My biggest asset has always been that I’m infallible honest to my profession. In early days of working he was moreover focused on incentives rather than salary. He shared, Incentives would bring challenge in work and would help to learn more.

Explaining further about life he affirms that in certain point of life he was thinking to go abroad and settle down there but that didn’t work in his favor and didn’t choose that road. The turning point that came to his life was when he accepts the challenge joining as sales executive to Sonalika Tractor Company. In further sharing he added, during my struggling days, I learnt an important lesson which was that it is not the ideas but the people associated with the ideas who make all the difference. The more we meet people, on both personal & professional level, the more opportunities show up. Shah, believed that one should have strong faith in his abilities and create value for his work. In journey of struggles one should also have to study about the failure. That love for scars and struggles is what ensures success.

While conveying message in his sharing he said “All entrepreneurs preparing to bring in energy and creativity through their products must remember that it’s you, not your product, which will make your business successful. No matter what, don’t give up. If you really believe, you will make it. Just stay the course.”


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