Liberty Camp Dhulikhel 2018

Liberty Camp Dhulikhel 2018

 Bikalpa an Alternative and the Language for Liberty Institute (LLI) organized a Liberty Camp training at Dhulikhel Village Resort, from 25th to 29th July 2018. The event was organized to educate the youth about History and origin of liberty, Philosophy of Liberty, Freedom of Trade and Doing Business, Freedom, Entrepreneurship and Responsibility, The program was also aimed to understand a holistic picture on cross-sectoral topics.

23 participants attended the training comprising Youth leaders, Students as well as various members of different sectors. Among distinguished speakers were Mr.Andy Eyschen (co-founder and director of the Language of Liberty Institute), Mr. Glenn , Founder of Language of Liberty Institute, Mr. Jacek, Spendel (Founder and President of the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation) and Mr. Sadaf Hussain, Former program coordinator of Centre for Civil society were the resource and panelists in the event. Also, Arpita Nepal, Robin Sitoula (Co- founder of Samriddhi Prosperity Foundation) and Dipendra Chaulagain were invited as a Local resource person for training.

Mr. Basanta Adhikari facilitated the training. The residential training was held for five days and six nights. The Liberty camp training session was comprised of topic in History of liberty in 18th Century England, Liberty in 20th Century Europe, Why Are Some Countries Rich, and Some Poor?, Classical Liberal Philosophy, Why should you be an Entrepreneur!?, Post-Soviet Story, Why Liberalism?, Property Rights, Policy Making Process in Nepal, Why should we fight for liberty. Mr. Madan Krishna Pradhan handled Logistic and management aspect of training.

Mr. Basanta Adhikari delivered the opening keynote address giving participants an overview of training, detailing the idea behind the process of how it started, key issues behind it, why it was important and how it was all made possible to bring this training in Nepal.

The intensive 5 days Liberty Camp training delved into the fundamentals of a creative approach by immersing the participants in dynamic discussions, group activities, relevant readings, and team exercises. It was Flexible seating arrangement which stimulates a two-way communication and creative movement. The resource person delivered their speech on different liberty related topics to make participant able to understand. Different historical, Case story and practices of systems makes students more inductive rather than deductive reasoners. The platform was engaging and informative for exchange of knowledge. During the program while round table model discussion further helps in team work and enhances a collaborative learning experience for participants. All the participants during the program were articulate and participative. The program scheduled from 8am morning to 6pm evening.

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