Liberty Discussion on Should Private School be Closed

Liberty Discussion on Should Private School be Closed

Liberty Discussion is a program designed to engage and inform the core members on the ideas of free market economy and classical liberal ideas. Discussions are made on the contemporary issues (local or national) through free market perspective. Article is selected and shared within the members to prepare oneself for the program. The program is organized at the venue of Graduate Coach Biratnagar on every alternative Saturday (twice a month).

Our regular discussion was held on January 6, 2018 at the Graduate Coach. The topic for the discussion was “Should Private School be closed”.

As the discussion initiated. The participants were curious to put their view regarding the topic. The discussion started with criticism by one of the participants who stood against the Private School by saying even in Private School there is no quality education as compared to Government School. Another participant also supported this argument by specifying that since education and other amenities are basic needs of citizens so the state should be responsible.

Education is only the tool which helps in representation of development of the society. We should not blame both the education institution rather should focused on making them Accountable. On the other hand, other participants discussed that in democracy, Private entity and Government both are responsible toward the state. It’s impossible to close the Private School. Likewise, participants also questioned about the present Government policy that this is the crony policy corruption. Furthermore, other participants also made criticism that it is need for hour that we should update our Government education system.

The debate was mostly centered on idea of preserving government school and changing the education system. Also, some of the participant suggested for seeking alternatives such as Voucher System and Charter education system. Though, the participants couldn’t come to a reasonable conclusion from the debate, at least it was agreed by the participants that we need to create Choice and Accountability for the Public.



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