Liberty Discussion on “ price cost and Profit”.

Liberty Discussion on “ price cost and Profit”.

Liberty Discussion is a two-hour discussion program held every alternative Saturday twice a month from 3:30 pm onward at Bikalpa Office Biratnagar. The program is organized to engage core members and newcomers who are interested in the issue and ideas of Liberty, Public policy, and Political economy.

On 9 March 2019,Saturday the members of Liberty Discussion Group sat down at Bikalpa Office to discuss the article “prices, Costs, and Profit”.

The participants witnessed their views regarding the topic. They discussed. As we know economics is not always buying and selling goods but also human choices and action in the broad sense which just not involve the money. People exchange to increase their satisfaction and decrease their dissatisfaction. Every one value the good according to their need and desire. When there are profits, individuals engage in producing better products at lower prices because there is money to be made by serving consumers. When it’s not then, producers have little incentive to do to the consumers. Some others argued it’s not about only physical transaction there are other levels of profit that is monetary and non-monetary as well. Profit is not only measured in monetary values. We also had the discussion on the origin of prices and should it be concerned of by government to fixed it or should be left to the market forces to determine it. It was an enriching talk and had an interactive discussion with each other in the discussion. Each participant was also encouraged to express their views and what they believe in regarding the topic in the discussion. There were 9 participants in the discussion.

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