Accountability & Civic Leadership Workshop

Bikalpa-an Alternative conducted the 5th “Workshop on Accountability and Civic Leadership” in collaboration with Accountability Lab targeting the college students in Biratnagar. The objective of the program was to educate and empower young people on the issue of accountability and civic responsibilities, and encourage them to keep concern on the social issues and the issues of governance. The program was conducted at the premises of Hotel Namaskar, Biratnagar, who provides the venue support for the program.

The session was very interactive since it involved a fun physical activity and group work.Accountability, Civic Responsibility, Youth as a Change Makers, Team Building, and Importance of Extra Curriculum Activities in Students Life, Group Work & Presentation were the major content of the program. The program was very effective to sensitize the young people and also gives valuable insight to the students that they are also the part of the society and have a capacity to play an important role for the positive change. It also encourages them to raise the voice against the ill practices and take initiatives to make the authorities holders accountable. Team building games were played to make the program more interesting and Participative. 24 participants took part in the program from three different colleges. The program was started at 10:30 am (21th May 2016, Saturday) and ended at 5:00 pm after the feedback collection and certificate distribution.

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