No Horn Please

Few months ago, the Traffic authorities enforced the “No horn” drive in Province no 1 like they had enforced in the Kathmandu city and some other parts of Nepal. It has become an issue of a huge national debate nowadays with some people finding it to be a good move, whereas many others think it […]

How Bikalpa Effort Facilitate to Stop the On-going Protest of E-Rickshaw Driver’s in Biratnagar?

On August 7, 2016, the e-rickshaw drivers of Biratnagar were protesting against the local authorities for stopping them to ply on the highway. The director of Bikalpa, Basanta Adhikari incidentally was returning via Biratnagar Airport when the e-rickshaw he was travelling in was stopped by a bunch of fellow e-rickshaw drivers who then ordered their […]

Student Protest Against Banda in Biratnagar

BIRATNAGAR STUDENTS AGAINST BANDA Already one of the poorest economies in the planet, Nepal is further plagued by problems such as the ongoing political instability, growing insecurity and threat to people’s lives and properties. Nepal has been plagued by the phenomenon of strikes (Banda) for over a decade now. Some of the frustrated students came […]

Rally Against Banda

On 20th August 2015, With an objective to make the Concerned Authority Accountable for the ongoing Protest /Strike which occurred due to the political turmoil in Biratnagar. This political strike had made people life rigorous to earn their livelihood. Bikalpa an Alternative, joined hands with local Morang Byapar Sangh and Udyog Sangathan along with journalist […]

Campaign Against Banda

After failing to make the constution through the first CA election,  Nepal again is at the verge of making constution through second CA election. Since the deadline to draft the constitution is near, political parties are divided into two polarities due to not having consensus. One group (Morcha) led by CPN Maoist in alliance with […]

Signature Campaign

Biratnagar Sub-metropolitan City has made an agreement with Asian Development Bank of Nrs 3.27 billion to restructure and develop the city.  Where they are focusing to extend the road and built the drainage. The project have to be finished within 3 years of time period.  Sub-Metropolitan City recently started crushing down the house of common […]