Young Cut’s Accountability Film making Workshop

With the successful closing of first Batch of Accountability Film-school in 2015, Bikalpa-an Alternative coordinates to organize second batch “Young Cut’s Accountability Film making Workshop” in Biratnagar. The  12 days workshop, supported by Accountability Lab was conducted by Onion films in collaboration with Bikalpa-an Alternative, Merryland College (BBA), Birat College for Professional Studies and Hotel Namaskar Biratnagar. As we know Audio-visuals […]

We Say No to Nepal Banda

Since the restoration of democracy in 1990, Nepal has been facing a serious political crisis. Already one of the poorest economies in the planet, Nepal is further plagued by problems such as the ongoing political instability, growing insecurity and threat to people’s lives and properties. Nepal has been plagued by the phenomenon of strikes (Bandh) […]

Motorcycle Luxury or Need?

Motor bike is a common vehicle in a Nepalese society, few decades back it was viewed as luxury goods, because it was only within the reach of few people. Today, due to the daily necessity of common masses, everyone aspires to have it. It is helping to ease everyday life of people in many ways, […]