Documentary Discussion Based on People Life in North Korea

Realizing that Documentary Discussion is a good means to educate people on our ideas, Bikalpa recently has started Documentary Discussion program to educate the college students on the ideas of freedom and free market ideas. On 23rd February 2015, Bikalpa an Alternative had Documentary Screening program at the premise of Himalayan College, were 70 numbers of participants took part at the program.  The documentary was based on the people life in North Korea. The motive of the program was to show how people survive at the totalitarian state, where state power is centered at the single person or certain number of people. The program also wants to show how autocratic leadership intimidates the citizen and ruined lives of people and nation economy. According to the student, program was helpful to make them realize about the situation of North Korea and how absolute power corrupts absolutely. Student share that, they never had such type of program earlier in their college. The participants relish the documentary program. After screening the documentary, floor was opened for discussion where we discuss about the importance of freedom and civic liberty. We share that it is important to have Rule of law not the rule of man to develop the nation. The program was started in 9:00 am and ended in 11:30 am.

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