Friday Discussion on Freedom and It’s Importance

Friday Discussion is a program designed to engage and inform the core members on the ideas of free market economy and classical liberal ideas. Discussions are made on the contemporary issues (local or national) through free market perspective. Article is selected and shared within the members to prepare oneself for the program. The program is organized at the venue of Hotel Namaskar, Biratnagar on every alternative Friday (twice a month).

On this series, discussion was made on the Article of “Freedom and it’s Importance ”, where 15 numbers of participants took part to discuss their views. It was hot and live discussion. The participants expressed views on “Freedom and it’s importance for prosperity. Different member of the groups had differing views about the arguments presented in the essay. As far as meaning of freedom is concerned in our country there is political freedom but due to absence of economic freedom we are still unprivileged for taste of freedom. Studies have shown that societies with higher degree of economic freedom enjoy higher living standards, higher per capita income, higher economic growth rates, higher life expectancy, cleaner environments, lower unemployment rates and lower infant mortality rates. During the one-and-a-half-hour discussion mostly revolved around of what is freedom and what is role of government and also knowing the some of the fact of economic freedom of the world.The program was held on 14th August 2015, at 4:45 pm and Program was ended at 6:30 pm.

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