Friday Discussion on Invisible Hands

Friday Discussion  program  was organized by Bikalpa on Friday, 10 October 2014. The program is held on every alternative Friday (twice a month) from 5:00 pm onward at Valentine Bakery Cafe. It is organized to engage the core (10-12) members and new comers those who are interested in the ideas of Liberty, Prosperity and Freedom. Discussions are made on the contemporary issues (local or national) through free market perspective.

Article is selected and shared within the members to prepare before the program. This time the discussion was made on the Article “ Invisible Hands” the theory of Adam Smith. Discussion was good enough to make the participants clear that market prices directs buyers and sellers toward activities that promotes the general welfare. It was also helpful to clearfy that if the government doesn’t do anything there is a controlling factor of people themselves who can guide the market.  Government should only be responsible in defining property rights, set up honest courts, impose miner taxes, enforce contracts and take care of national security and defense. 11 people took part on the discussion and the program ended at 7:00 pm.

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