Last Thursday’s:

A talk program with an entrepreneur is an interaction program held every Last Thursday of Gregorian month from 3:30 pm onward at Biratnagar. Main objective of the program is to encourage young people to share practical knowledge about entrepreneurship through the sharing of successful entrepreneur’s. It is jointly organized program by Bikalpa-an Alternative, Hotel Namaskar, Makalu Television and Merry land college (BBA). The program starts at 3:30 pm with registration, following the story sharing of the guest speaker. After the sharing of guest speaker, floor is open for discussion and quires for 45 minutes. The program ends at 5:30 and further proceeds for tea snacks where participants can do the networking and interact with each other. Main objective of the program is to create platform for sharing ideas on entrepreneurship and encourage young people to be an entrepreneur.

Liberty discussion:

A two hour discussion program held every alternative Saturday (twice a month) from 4:00 pm onward at Graduate Coach. The program is organized to engage core members and new comers who are interested in public policy and political economy. Discussions are made on the contemporary issues (local or national) based on the selected article. Article is selected and shared through social media within the members to prepare before coming to the program.


One of the working approaches of Bikalpa is to identify local problem regarding public policy issues and conduct first hand research to provide solution through market led approach. Bikalpa aspires to be a leading think tank in a region by producing ideas to sensitize common masses and influence policy makers to create a free and prosperous society. So far we have published three research paper and planning to conduct 2 more research by the end of 2017.

Blog and Articles:

Every month at least one articles is published in the local or national newspaper to sensitize the audience and the stakeholders on the public concern issues. Basically we provide organization point of view through it.

Movie Making:

Visual media is a powerful means to sensitize people on the ideas and principals we believe in and work for. On the regular basis Bikalpa produce short movies on the issue of accountability, livelihood, Individual and economic freedom. We pick issues and create advocacy video to sensitize larger masses and concerned stakeholders. Some of Bikalpa videos have been able to become viral, which is shared and viewed by many people.

Opening Market and Promoting Entrepreneurship:

A one day workshop organized in collaboration with Bhaju Yubraj Foundation, to educate and trained young students on the issue of entrepreneurship and market economy. Targeted audiences of the program are bachelor’s level college students of Biratnagar. Why is Nepal Poor? What is entrepreneurship? Why Should I be an Entrepreneur? What are the qualities of Successful entrepreneurs? How are entrepreneurs perceived by the general people and the media? What are the conditions that promote entrepreneurship? Who (Government, Civil Society, or Private Agencies) should be accountable to deliver public goods and services? And discussions on short film created by Bikalpa are the major content of the program. The program provides valuable insight to the students on the issue of entrepreneurship and market economy. Power point, lecture, brain storming, group work/presentation, visual, debate, discussion and games activities are used as a teaching method during the program. The programs start from 10:00am and ends at 5:30 with certificate distribution.

Workshop on Accountability and Civic Leadership:

A one day workshop organized in collaboration with Accountability Lab, to educate and trained young students on the issue of Accountability and Civic Leadership. Targeted audiences of the program are bachelor’s level college students from Biratnagar. What is accountability? Who should be accountable and why? How can we make the stakeholders accountable? Civic leadership and responsibilities, Youth as a change maker, Team building, Importance of extra curriculum activities, Ideas into action (Group work and Presentation) are the major content of the program. Objective of the program is to sensitize young people on accountability issues and encourage them speak up and take action. Brain storming, games activities, group work/presentation, power point, visual and lecture methods are used to educate students during the workshop. The programs start from 10:00am and ends at 5:30 with certificate distribution.

Self-Learning Platform (Speakers Corner):

Speakers Corner is a Self-learning platform engagement activity where students can join and improve their English and public speaking. The program is a joint venture with Graduate Coach, conducted every Saturday from 2:00pm onwards at Graduate Coach Institute.

Film School Training:

Realizing the importance of visual media, Bikalpa in association with Onion Films every year organizes film school training in Biratnagar. The objective of the training is to handover the basic skill on film making to the young people. So far we have organized 2 film making training and educate 62 young people. Bikalpa videos are made by the participants of film school training.

Social Media Engagements:

As we are well aware that social media is a very powerful tool to update, sensitize and engage people. It is also a platform where people can discuss and share their thoughts. Realizing its immense value, Bikalpa regularly engage its audience through social networking sites like Facebook page, websites, twitter and personal blogs.

Advocacy and Campaign Activities:

Bikalpa believes that individual and economic freedom is necessary for economic growth, that which is important for all kinds of other development. On and often we engage people and organize campaign activities when there is an attack on these fundamental rights by the government, political parties or other entities. Since the beginning, we have been engaging people to oppose the political strikes and shutdown that curtail the individual and economic freedom of the people.

Resource Center:

Resource Center is a place initiated by Bikalpa where our target audience can visit us and broaden their mind. The center contains the books on political economy, self-help development and literature’s. Visitors can take the books to their home and can return within a certain timeframe.


In every two months Bikalpa send its newsletter to its audience. The objective of the newsletter is to update about Bikalpa and its activities to its valuable supporters, donors and well-wishers. It contains major updates of the country, organization progress, activities and impact. So far our updates are reaching to 700+ people.


As youths are fun loving people, we organize hiking program once a year to engage our youths with us. We select the hiking location around 40-60 km far from our area, take the public vehicle in the morning and return back in the evening. In between we eat together, walk a long distance and share our thoughts with each other. The objective of the program is to bring together and create strong bond within our friends circle.