Rally Against Banda

On 20th August 2015, With an objective to make the Concerned Authority Accountable for the ongoing Protest /Strike which occurred due to the political turmoil in Biratnagar. This political strike had made people life rigorous to earn their livelihood. Bikalpa an Alternative, joined hands with local Morang Byapar Sangh and Udyog Sangathan along with journalist federation, trade union, private school associations, small business enterprises, hotel associations, civil society organizations etc. to organize a protest against bandhs. Hundreds of Biratnagar denizens showed up for the protest despite the rain. People from diverse sector joined the rally. The rally was started from the premise of Chief District Office where participant marched through the street of Biratnagar and organized a mass meeting at Mahendra Chowk, Prominent civil society members addressed the gathering. The program concluded at Chief District Office.Watch a short video of the rally of people marching in the rally with their umbrellas donning Gari Khana Deu shirt.

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