Research on Liberating Local Enterprises: Deregulating E-Rickshaw Industry in Biratnagar

Ever since their introduction, three wheeled electric tempos or rickshaws have overtaken other modes of transportation as the chief mode of urban transport in many developing nations like Nepal. These electric vehicles, also popularly known as e-rickshaw, City Safari, or City rickshaw, have now become the chief paratransit vehicle in the city of Biratnagar with […]

How Bikalpa Effort Facilitate to Stop the On-going Protest of E-Rickshaw Driver’s in Biratnagar?

On August 7, 2016, the e-rickshaw drivers of Biratnagar were protesting against the local authorities for stopping them to ply on the highway. The director of Bikalpa, Basanta Adhikari incidentally was returning via Biratnagar Airport when the e-rickshaw he was travelling in was stopped by a bunch of fellow e-rickshaw drivers who then ordered their […]

Research on City Rickshaw Barrier to Entry

E-Rickshaw or city-rickshaw or city-safari as they are popularly known are one of the latest entry in the transport system of Nepal. Flexible, environmental friendly and affordable, these e-vehicles have been providing the answer to the connectivity issue mostly in flat terrain areas of Nepal. In these cities, the numbers of registered city-rickshaws is based […]