The Last Thursdays with Ashok Murarka

 Bikalpa an Alternative jointly organize The Last Thursday’s program in Biratnagar with Hotel Namaskar, E4N and Makalu Television on every Last Thursday of every Gregorian month.  Entrepreneur Mr. Ashok Murarka, Industrialist, and Chairman of Commercial Agriculture Alliance (CAA)  was invited as a guest speaker to the program. Due to the late arrival of the participants, 3:30 program started at 3:50. Basanta Adhikari, Director of Bikalpa and Alternative started the program welcoming the participants and guest speaker. 2 minutes time was given to Sandip Bhagat who newly started his business on online bill paying system after being inspired by the previous guest speaker idea and speech.

After the pitch, guest speaker Mr. Ashok Murarka share his personal success story on entrepreneurship. He mainly focus his talk on Agriculture and encourage audience to see this sector as an opportunity and be an entrepreneur .  He also highlighted that government is always crucial for promote the business and entrepreneurship, it has to create the favorable environment and policies to achieve this.  After the guest speaker speech, participants had a open discussion with the speaker for an hour  where Mr. Muraka clarifies the participant’s queries. Mr. Murarka gave the prize to Poonam Giri, who was the winner of the quiz in the program.  Rima Shrestha, Director of Hotel Namaskar, handover the token of love to the guest speaker and put her final thoughts. Program was formally ended at 5:45 heading for tea and informal networking. The program was recorded by Makalu television and will be telecast later. The program was organized at the venue of Hotel Namaskar, Biratnagar. Total 99 numbers of participants took part in the program.

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