The Last Thursdays with Sandesh Dass Shrestha

Bikalpa an Alternative organize The Last Thursday’s program with a Media Entrepreneur Mr. Sandesh Dass Shrestha, Director of B.FM on 25 September 2014 at Hotel Namaskar, Biratnagar. The program was jointly organized by Bikalpa an Alternative, Hotel Namaskar and Makalu Television. Basanta Adhikari, Director of Bikalpa and Alternative started the program at 4:00 pm welcoming the participants and the guest speaker. Rima Shrestha, Director of Hotel Namaskar shared the objective of the program. Ritesh Shah of Alphabet Services  share 2 minutes pitch about their upcoming event Changa Chet.  For 25 minutes, guest speaker Mr. Shrestha shares his personal experience working on media. He highlighted that one should have enough passion in their work to achieve success. He also stressed that ultimately government is responsible to create conducive environment for the business and entrepreneurship development. After the guest speaker speech, participants had a open discussion with the speaker for one hour where the speaker clarifies the participant’s queries. After the open discussion, program was formally ended at 6:00 pm for tea, snacks and informal networking. The program was recorded by Makalu television and will be telecast later. Total 97 numbers of participants took part in the program.

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