We Say No to Nepal Banda

Since the restoration of democracy in 1990, Nepal has been facing a serious political crisis. Already one of the poorest economies in the planet, Nepal is further plagued by problems such as the ongoing political instability, growing insecurity and threat to people’s lives and properties. Nepal has been plagued by the phenomenon of strikes (Bandh) for over a decade now. At a time when everyone appears to be politically conscious of their rights and demand, nobody is aware of their duties and responsibilities. In the name of demanding rights, certain interest groups are initiating Bandha, which are considered the ultimate form of protest; they no longer create any valuable impact on the targeted issues, but only cripple citizen’s daily life and further hinder Nepal’s progress. Although protesting is considered a right, but the abuse of this privilege by a handful has come at the cost of depriving a million others of their right to earn a living. Bikalpa-an alternative believes that every individual has the right to enjoy their individual and economic freedom until and unless they violate the right of others. So we condemn activities like Banda (General Strikes), and appeal the protesters to respect the Individual freedom of others.

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