Accountable Leadership Workshop

Accountable Leadership Workshop

Bikalpa an Alternative Jointly organize the one day Accountable Leadership Workshop at Edenburgh International College, Biratnagar on 21 November 2014 to sensitize college students on the Issue of accountability, civic responsibility, market economy and why is Nepal poor? The objective of the program was to aware young people on the situation of Nepal and inspire them to take initiatives and keep concern on civic issues.

19 students from BPH and BBA faculty took part in the program actively. Basanta Adhikari, Director of Bikalpa an Alternative and Suman Rai, program assistant facilitated the whole day process.The program starts at 10:30 with the introduction and objective sharing of the participants. Short video related with tax was featured to make participants realize that all the authority holders should be accountable towards citizens because they are paid with the revenue that is collected from us.

Following session on citizens responsibility help the participants to feel them that we are equally responsible for the evil that takes place in our society if we do not take stand for it. It is not that societies are destroyed by the activities of rascals but by the inactivity of good people. The session motto was to encourage participants to speak up and take responsibilities against wrong social practice.

Youth as a change makers session was designed to make students realize that they have the strength to make a difference, and are the source of change in any part of the world. Why is Nepal Poor session helped the students to understand that nation does not became poor just because of lacking resources,  having over population, being small in size or landlocked. Rather it becomes poor when it does not have accountable and responsible leadership, rule of law and sound economic policies and its implementation.

Also the group discussion was made on the session “who should take care of the issues of Electricity, oil, education, health and transportation?  Is it government, market or civil society? The group was divided into three to make the discussion. The final session was helpful to make participants aware about the virtue of market economy and its components.   At the end of the program students were encouraged to form a students group in their college.

Program was warped up at 5:00 pm after the distribution the certificate.  The program was supported by Accountability Lab.

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