Campaign Against Banda

Campaign Against Banda

After failing to make the constution through the first CA election,  Nepal again is at the verge of making constution through second CA election. Since the deadline to draft the constitution is near, political parties are divided into two polarities due to not having consensus. One group (Morcha) led by CPN Maoist in alliance with madhesi parties are in protest against the actions of ruling parites. Morcha are frequently calling banda/shutdown that has badly crippled citizens daily life. Relazing the fact that banda and hartals voilates rule of law, individidual freedom and citizen rights, we young people of biratnagar decided to organize something against this wrong practice. Bikalpa initiates to organize a meeting to discuss about the program.

 On the 18th of january 2015 meeting was called at the premises of Hotel Namaskar, 23 members were present at the meeting from different organizations. We commonly decided to organize a silent protest on the same evening. Near around 25 to 30 people stand in front of Mahendra chowk, Nepal Bazar for 30 minutes. After staying half an hour at the spot with hand written slogans we marched towards  Traffic chowk. We stayed 15 minutes at traffic chowk and decided to wrap up the program and meet next day at 2:30 pm for next day program.

On 19th January, we 40 number of people stand at Traffic Chowk with the slogans demanding our fundamental rights to life, liberty, security and freedom to entreprise. Signature campaign was made demanding to secure these rights. Near around 300 people signed the cause, program finished at 4:00pm. Before ending the program, we decided to meet at Bikalpa office to protest for next day banda event at 11am.

On 20th January of 2015, around 30 young people from different organizations assembled at Bikalpa office to protest the same day banda. We stand with our banner stating that “We Nepalese people will not vote the political parties who will organize banda”. Also we had several printed slogans in our hands that demands freedom, rule of law and citizens rights. We stand to protest at Mahendra Chowk for 30 minutes and marched towards Traffic Chowk to continue the protest. After protesting 30 minutes at traffic chowk again, we rallied back to Bikalpa office. While coming back we received phone threat from banda organizers. We concluded our protest after reaching Bikalpa office. Our protest program was covered in almost all the print and Television media. Makalu tv, Himshiker Tv, Nepal Tv, Avenues Tv, Nagarik National Daily, Kantipur National daily, Ujjyalo Daily and Udgosh Daily cover the news of the program. The program was helpful to sensitize people to speak and stand up when citizen’s freedom is threatened.

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