Film Making School Workshop

Film Making School Workshop

Our Accountability film making school program Chapter Biratnagar was officially kicked off in May 2015. The program was scheduled from 20 to 24 May and was conducted in the premises of Hotel Namaskar. This workshop was being held in collaboration, Birat College for Professional Studies and Bikalpa an Alternative with support from Accountability Lab. The program was facilitated by Onion films and was intended to enrich understanding level about the issue of Accountability through visual media. This was first Batch of onion film Chapter Biratnagar. The team was focused to capture local stories on the different issues of accountability from Biratnagar where they believe that produced films will help in making citizens and power-holders more accountable. There were 26 participants from different colleges across the city. Our participants share the experience was great platform to improve their knowledge level about How make the film and managerial Skill. The workshop was Five day class base and six day field base. After the completion of the workshop the participants were divided into the 4 group and 4 short films were made by our Young Cut. The closing ceremony was done in the premise of the Chamber of Commerce Hall with the coordination with American Corner Biratnagar.

Here are links of the news coverage of workshop.

Young Cuts The Accountability Film School commenced its Biratnagar Chapter

विराटनगरमा चलचित्र कार्यशाला

विराटनगरका युवाले तयार पारेकाे छाेटा चलचित्र हेर्न दर्शककाे भिड

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