Peace,Love & Liberty in Nepali Version

Peace,Love & Liberty in Nepali Version

With the Support of Atlas Network, Bikalpa –an Alternative translate the English version book “Peace, Love and Liberty” to Nepali Language.

Peace, love and Liberty is highly relevant to the current scenario of Nepal, because the country has just overcome the Maoist insurgency, and still there prevail a groups and ideology that promote the notion of hatred and violence, which creates a possibility and threat of emerging same kinds of militia groups that can promotes violence.

While the country is in constitution building process, many other group and political parties are organizing their violence activities demanding their rights which have threaten peace and individual liberty.Peace, Love and Liberty is a book that advocates the ideas on how war can be destructive to the larger masses and beneficial to small groups of people. It also throws the insight that war curtails the freedom of individual and gives the authority to selected few to raise the taxes. The book promotes ideas of free market and trade, and demonstrates how these ideas can help to achieve peace and prosperity to the society. There are 15 chapter altogether, written by the scholars who advocates the ideas of peace, trade and its value.

Translation of the book is completed on July 2015. Basanta Adhikari, Founding Chairperson translated the book. It is translated in simple way that helps Nepalese readers to understand easily without any difficulty. The books are also available in the market.

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