Accountability Film making Workshop

Accountability Film making Workshop

With the successful closing of first Batch of Accountability Film-school in 2015, Bikalpa-an Alternative coordinates to organize second batch “Accountability Film making Workshop” in Biratnagar. The  12 days workshop, supported by Accountability Lab was conducted by Onion films in collaboration with Bikalpa-an Alternative, Merryland College (BBA), Birat College for Professional Studies and Hotel Namaskar Biratnagar.

As we know Audio-visuals can be powerful medium for spreading ideas, changing perceptions, telling the untold stories, sensitize people and make authorities holders more accountable. The workshop totally designed for the beginners aged from 16 to 29. It aims  to engage young people in film making and develop visual story tellers in Biratnagar who can create an impact through their visual story . All together 33 participants form different colleges and professional background paid 2000 rupees to take part in the workshop. The workshop basically was divided into two parts:

Part 1: The class-based film-making workshop was run for 5 days. Where participant learn about the several film aspects through Session and experiences of stories from resource person.  Following topics were discussed during the tenure.
1. History and Development of Cinema
2. Fundamentals of Visual Story Telling
3. Impact of Visual Media in the Society
4. Conceptualization, Story Development, Planning,
5. Script Writing
6. Cinematic Appreciation
7. Camera Techniques & Shooting
8. Acting and Characterization
9. Post-Production (Editing)
10. Leadership Development

Part 2: After the completion of the workshop the participants were divided into the 4 group and 4 short films were made by the participants. During the closing ceremony the 4 movies were screened and the participants also share their view and experience regarding the movie and workshop. Participants expressed that it was a great experience for them to be the part of film making workshop and learn valuable knowledge and skill. The indoor training was held at the Premise of Hotel Namaskar from 14 till 19 August. The outdoor workshop was conducted at the premises of Birat College for Professional Studies and different shooting spots. Final film screening and closing ceremony was conducted on 29th August at the venue of Merryland college Biratnagar (BBA).

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