Last Thursdays with Tika Ram Puri

Last Thursdays with Tika Ram Puri

Every Last Thursday of Gregorian month, Bikalpa an Alternative jointly organize the “Last Thursday’s” event at Biratnagar in collaboration with Hotel Namaskar, Makalu Television and Merryland College (BBA) Biratnagar.   Objective of the program is to disseminate the ideas and knowledge about entrepreneurship through the personal sharing of successful entrepreneurs. Also the program creates an opportunity to do networking and share ideas among the participants.

On 24th November 2016, Entrepreneur Tika Ram Puri joined us for the 33rd series of ‘Last Thursdays’ at Hotel Namaskar for a discussion on the existing scenario of industry in the Biratnagar with over more than 90 people.

The program started with moderator Suman Rai, Bikalpa an Alternative  Program  Co-ordinator addressing the audience. He introduced everyone about the program and shared the objective of program.

He shared his journey of entrepreneurship to the Youth. Remembering his early childhood day’s he said there were less opportunity in any field during those days. During that, time there was no any aspiration to be entrepreneur. After completing his SLC he came to biratnagar for his higher Studies. He started his career with teaching profession.  Later on with the help of 3-share holder, he established his own School with 200 Student. Now there is more than 2000 student getting education. In his opinion, entrepreneurship is not only producing the commodity good but also creating human resource for service market.  There must be will power to do any thing and it would help to achieve the goal.

He also further shared about his Agro farming of Rubber, which is located in Thala VDC Morang. Instead of seeking opportunities outside Nepal. His encourage youth to seek the opportunities with in Nepal and there is a good opportunity in Agriculture sector in Nepal.  There are a lot of subsidies in Agro – sector by government through which we could get benefited. There is lots of farming land, which are still barren in our country. Agricultural sectors could be economically backbone for the country.

He also conveyed message that we need to have determination to do the work. Do not be starting up with large capital. Instead, re-invest in on the profit. In conclusion he said in order to flourish entrepreneurship the political situation is to be stable. Government policies play crucial role in the development of any country.  The participants listened enthusiastically to tales of his early days.

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