Interaction Program with Bhim Parajuli

Interaction Program with Bhim Parajuli

Following up with the Mayoral Debate held on June 22 and the local election On 5th of August, Bikalpa, in association with Lead International and Makalu Television organized an interaction program with the newly elected Mayor of Biratnagar, Mr Bhim Parajuli.

The chief objective of the interaction was to identify the obstacles and opportunities of development of the city. The floor was opened to the questions from the audience and moderated by media analyst Dr. Sandesh Das Shrestha. Over 50 people ranging from various age groups were part of the audience and they floored variety of questions ranging from Infrastructure building, construction,waste management, education, employment and health.

Mr. Parajuli urged the citizens to remain patient for a couple of years for the ongoing construction projects to finish. He also stressed need for a citizen friendly bureaucracy and has made it along with transparency, his top priority. He also shared his vision of building a youth center in-order to bring youths and civil society to a common platform to discussion development. Apart from that he aslo stressed in making the improve government hospitals and at the same time also make private hospitals accessible to the citizens by working together. In his education policy, he informed that he will be forming a committee of experts from various fields to design primary and secondary level curriculum and try to bridge the gap of quality in government and private institution.

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