Liberty Discussion on “Barrier to Entry of City Rickshaw in Biratnagar”

Liberty Discussion on “Barrier to Entry of City Rickshaw in Biratnagar”

Liberty Discussion is a program designed to engage and inform the core members on the ideas of free market economy and classical liberal ideas. Discussions are made on the contemporary issues (local or national) through free market perspective. Article is selected and shared within the members to prepare oneself for the program. The program is organized at the venue of Graduate Coach Biratnagar on every alternative Saturday (twice a month).

The members of the Liberty Discussion Group sat down at Graduate Coach, on the 15th July 2017 to discuss on the topic “Barrier to Entry of City Rickshaw in Biratnagar”

During the discussion however all of the participant were not fully convinced with the view. Some participants asserted that state is somehow responsible for taking care of our fundamental necessities like proper public transport system. The e rickshaw which are running in the market are creating traffic problem and accident. Proper licensing system should be provided by government. Some other participant opposed this and claimed that Barrier creates the monopoly in the market and its chronic victims would be the general public. It may cause distortion in the market. The market mechanism would make balances off everything.  Also With the issue regarding, the roles and rights of government in providing services, all the participants agreed that the roles must be clearly defined. It is the role of the government to maintain the proper condition of road. There should be proper traffic parking facilities for the vehicles. Some other viewed as, new product in the market is good. This would increase the competition in the business activities, create more employment and increase growth.


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