Liberty Camp Biratnagar 2018

Liberty Camp Biratnagar 2018

On July 22-23, 2018 Bikalpa an Alternative and Language for Liberty Institute jointly conducted two days ‘Liberty Camp’ in Biratnagar at Hotel Namaskar. The program was aimed at developing a platform for the diverse level of student to understand the individual freedom and free-market entrepreneurship through different perspectives in contemporary context. The program was also focused on creating a space to learn, to observe engage and know the diverse realities of our world on the development of economics and human freedom. Also, the program was designed to educate the student about the classical liberalism and its philosophy.

Mr. Basanta Adhikari, Founder of Bikalpa – an Alternative moderated the program. Mr. Andy Eyschen (Co-founder and Director of the Language of Liberty Institute), Mr. Glenn (Founder of Language of Liberty Institute), Mr. Jacek Spendel (Founder and President of the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation) and Mr. Sadaf Hussain (Former Program Coordinator of Centre for Civil Society) were the facilitators and panelists in the event.

We had 23 enthusiastic participants from different academics of different years who came together for two days of intense lectures, working groups and activities. These included sessions on Why Freedom; How CLT has Evolved in the Past 2000 Years, Free Market Economics, What is Classical Liberalism?, Post-Soviet Story, Why Some Countries Poor and Some are Rich? Why Foreign Aid Does Not Work, Rule of Law.

The two days were very powerful for the team and participant to look back, reflect and understand the history, philosophy of human freedom and economics. Through, games – the participants were also strengthened their connection with themselves. They realized that it is their responsibility and their choices and actions which will affect their freedom. The participants were open enough to share their queries regarding the topic. The program was helpful to enrich their knowledge and understanding on the issues of liberty. We also had a healthy discussion with the participant and panelist during the program. The program was ended on 23rd July with the distribution of certificates.

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